Ulises – Uña EP

November 15, 2017


This EP is inspired by the cultural heritage which the Argentines and Chileans seek to perpetuate. Ulises has developed cultural and emotional bonds towards the natives, whose struggles he feels and shares. Struggles for their own traditions, their own lands and their own existence. Thanks to the resistance of cultures like the Mapuche we can now enjoy traditional melodies and instruments, such as kultrungs, charangos and quenas, that Ulises skilfully merges with an electronic timber palette to achieve the deep organic sound that we can appreciate in this EP.
Uña pays homage to the acclaimed quena player Uña Ramos, from the mountainous Jujuy province. Pewünguen derives from a chant in Mapudungun, the Mapuche language, that celebrates the rebirth of nature in spring. Here, the artist adopts the same chant metaphorically, to wish the rebirth of the Mapuches.
Musician by formation, Ulises plays guitar, keyboard, and drums. Such multi-instrumental skills provide him with a broad range of sounds to blend and wedge into the electronic beat. Talking about the aesthetic he craves, Ulises stated “I want to have the possibility to choose any timber from any source I feel the music needs. No limits!” …and limitless is his desire to explore the vastness of sounds, to experiment new combinations.
Besides the original tracks, the EP comprises four gems by Carrot Green, Steffen Kirchoff, Arutani, Coss & Iorie, who remixed Ulises’ productions.

1. Ulises ••• Uña
2. Ulises ••• Pewünguen
3. Ulises ••• Uña (Carrot Green Remix)
4. Ulises ••• Pewünguen (Steffen Kirchhoff Remix)
5. Ulises ••• Uña (Arutani Remix)
6. Ulises ••• Pewünguen (Coss & Iorie Remix)

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