Da Iguana – Itzamna LP

July 16, 2018


Urban Cosmonaut Radio is delighted to present Itzamna, the first album by Da Iguana. This inestimable jewel box results from one year of inspired work that the artist undertook during and following his trip to Central America and the Caribbean in company of his muse, also featured in the album. In those remote and paradisiac corners of the planet, the adventurous traveller couldn’t help from being enchanted by the untouched nature he discovered. This, together with the people he met, the adventures he experienced and the characteristic rhythms of those regions left an indelible mark on the artist and represented great source of inspiration for the tracks presented in this album. Nevertheless, the sound resulting by these intense feelings doesn’t bring only the favours of Central America. The attentive listeners will recognize also African and Oriental influences in the tracks. These derive by the musical heritage of the artist and his wide range of experimentations, both in terms of sounds and tempos. Da Iguana started his journey into music at very young age as a singer. Later he found in electronic music his way to express himself with a multifaced production including funk, triphop, house and techno tracks moved by the keen desire for evolution and renovation of sounds. In recent times world music entered his repertoire and brought to the sound we can now enjoy in this album. Besides the inspiration grown along his travels, further motivation to complete these tracks came from the recalls of a dear friend and supporter of Da Iguana that is now listening from above the clouds. A special person to whom the artist
wanted to dedicate this amazing production.

1. Da Iguana ••• Xupul (feat. Sagara)
2. Da Iguana ••• Achachau
3. Da Iguana ••• Submari (feat. Sagara)
4. Da Iguana ••• Scarlecheko (feat. Georgeline Du Sacquay)
5. Da Iguana ••• Muii
6. Da Iguana ••• Udu De La Muerte
7. Da Iguana ••• Eres El Cantor

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