Bliz Nochi – Nisip EP

March 29, 2021


Soft, fluid, slow. A melodious flow of music, filled with the sweet melancholy of ever-changing time and inevitable loneliness, telling stories of passing life. This is Doina’s energy. Doina is one of Moldavia’s musical folklore dramaturgies, which has inspired our friend and artist Bliz Nochi to compose the songs for our today’s release „Nisip“.
The EP may be seen as a dedication to what we call our home, our home lands. The environment we have perceived in our childhood. The nature, the sounds and the emotions that are deeply rooted in our minds and hearts, carried to present times. For Bliz Nochi this home is the Nistru river in Moldavia, of which shores he has grown up, capturing the tradition of local culture.
Bliz Nochi combined both works „Nisip De Pe Malul Nistrului” (meaning „the sand of the shores of the river Nistru“) and „Sand“ into the EP’s title “Nisip” – sand. Its memories drive Bliz Nochi’s search for new interpretations of the traditional Moldavian musical song – Doina – as a theme of connection with the land where he grew up, with the flow of the river, the passage of time and the eternal song of life.
Accompanied by Amalia Sadreev, clarinetist from Kazan, who skilfully transforms the feeling of Doina through his instrument, the clarinet sings this Doina song in „Nisip De Pe Malul Nistrului” together with a male voice, echoing and complementing each other.
The polyrhythmic melody of „Sand“ is performed with an acoustic guitar. Meant to induce our subconsciousness, this melody might feels familiar to some, being once sung by a male or female voice. It shall connect us with the mood of that ever-flowing song of life.

The EP comes with 4 Remixes. Each of them combining the original idea of the songs with the unique style of the artists:
Portuguese duo Ohxalá casts their unmistakable groove on „Nisip De Pe Malul Nistrului“ by drawing a baseline, that simply invites you to jump up and dance.
Hungarian artist BéTé is known for his bright and colourful edits. He adds the song a typical pinch of playfulness and emphasises its trippy character.
C.Love sprinkles the flair of her habitat, the Californian Joshua Tree desert. She kinda lets the sun dry out „Sand“ and sieves it’s grains. The result is a rough and psychedelic texture, spiced up with a fine dash of acid.
Istanbul based artist Erhan Yılmaz stirs in an oriental flavour to his interpretation and let’s the Nistru river flow a little faster. He pours in a mysterious and bouncy wave that is all set for its vigorous slosh on the dance floor.

Enjoy the flow! ~~~

1. Bliz Nochi Ft Amali Sadreev ••• Nisip De Pe Malul Nistrului
2. Bliz Nochi ••• Sand
3. Bliz Nochi Ft Amali Sadreev ••• Nisip De Pe Malul Nistrului (Ohxalá Remix)
4. Bliz Nochi Ft Amali Sadreev ••• Nisip De Pe Malul Nistrului (BéTé Remix)
5. Bliz Nochi ••• Sand (C.Love Remix)
6. Bliz Nochi Ft Amali Sadreev ••• Nisip De Pe Malul Nistrului (Erhan Yılmaz Remix)

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