Captures – Drifters EP

February 3, 2022


Drifting – a movement with no certain direction… As a drifter you may move with ease and a calm mind, or you may find yourself on a mystical journey into the unknown, you’re never quite sure… These feelings of uncertainty have inspired our dear friend Kyle, aka Captures, when he began working on this EP three years ago. At that time his journeys had drawn him to Berlin where he found himself searching for a community to resonate with. With a bit of drifters fortune, we found each other here and there as the events and parties around Voodoohop and UCR brought him a sense of home: „Everyone seemed like wild characters in a play on some type of exotic underground that created a narrative free from boundaries. I loved the psychedelic atmosphere those days combined with electronic and world music sounds. Those experiences contributed a lot to this album and to who I am today.“
We’re pleased that our communities have provided inspiration that has led us to work with Captures on releasing this beautiful soundtrack. A soundtrack for all the drifters out there.
May this EP be seen as a dedication to not only the weightless feeling of floating but also to carry confidence and optimism on our paths to explore the great unknown. As Confucius said, „The journey is the destination“

1. Captures – Cloud Drifter
2. Captures – Cañari Lucido
3. Captures – Phonolith 
4. Captures – Return Of Cordoba 
5. Captures – Memoria

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