David Mears – Varanasi EP

January 18, 2018


It is said that the Holy City of Benares (बनारस), India, is so ancient that it is held by the Gods themselves and that its visitors leave a part of their soul while passing through. What they bring back in return is unclear, but those who have been there could tell you that it has something to do with…magic!
For his first release, producer David Mears presents his debut track, “Varanasi”, as well as two variations. The first one is a an orchestral piece combining originals sounds from his personal footage shot in Varanasi, hang drum tunes (played by him), poignant cellos and clarinets. The second, “Sian Rava”, tells the story of a farmer meeting his past lives in the deep forests of Northern Thailand.
To complete this exciting yet intense musical journey, we cross mountains, jungles, oceans and continents to finally reach South America where the artists, Gama (Brazil) and Barda (Argentina), offer us their own reinterpretation of Mears’ pieces: as the first reshapes “Sian Rava” in order to plunge even deeper into the dark meanders of the soul and the latter turns “Varanasi” into a joyful chant led by the artist Gus’ voice, bringing the EP to a bright and colourful ending.

1. David Mears ••• Varanasi
2. David Mears ••• Sian Rava
3. David Mears ••• Varanasi (Orchestral)
4. David Mears ••• Sian Rava (Gama Remix)
5. David Mears ••• Varanasi (Barda Remix ft. Gus)

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