Batu Ozer – Ma EP

May 1, 2020


The nature of the arts is one of those ancient enigmas which keeps thoughtful minds constantly philosophizing on its power. The mystery of art is deepened by the fact that inspiration can burst at anytime; any sound or fleeting glance can trigger a masterpiece. How can that be explained? We don’t know, and maybe we never will, but what matters to us is tending to that inspiration, and the conditions in which it thrives. This is the story of MA, the latest EP by Batu Ozer, which we are happy to bring to our listeners today. Old recordings of saz or string instruments resembling long-necked lutes, triggered the creative genius of the artist, and five new aural gems were the result.
The title of the album means “water” in ancient Turkish language. Its sonorities and motives evoke the elegance and preciousness of the old Anatolian history. Sounds of spilling water remind us of the fountains found in the courtyards and gardens of gilded palaces. Gentle choirs blend with lutes and finger percussion, effectively transporting us to the public intimacy of the ‘Arfana’: the public musical gatherings of the old times. All of the artist’s productions reflect this ancient beauty, which skillfully revisits and elaborates with electronic effects, resulting in a timeless weave of antiquity and modernity.

Batu Ozer ••• Arfana
Batu Ozer ••• Far Li Mas
Batu Ozer ••• Ma
Batu Ozer ••• Ancient Delusion
Batu Ozer ••• Swallow’s Lullaby

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