ali dada – nanou Remixes EP

August 4, 2023


Inhale deeply and immerse yourself once more in the ethereal sounds of ali dada, as “nanou” comes to life once again with four reinterpretations of their original EP. The remixes showcase the talents of Lokke, Skarú, Jiony, and Daniel Imhof—whose creative endeavors add new dimensions to ali dada’s dreamy and unwinding music.
Their original productions artfully blend elements from diverse and distant genres, fusing experimental ambient vibes with jazzy, psychedelic guitars, and mellow hip-hop beats. Through extended jam sessions, the trio crafts music that evokes a desire to slow down, linger, and immerse oneself in the carefully crafted sonic landscapes. The music is filled with subtle elements, including snippets and field recordings, delivering delightful acoustic surprises that encourage dreaming and transcendence. The remixers share their personal experiences with “nanou” and the motivations behind their creative choices. Lokke expressed his admiration for the warm music and chose “zwueschetag” for its beautiful softness. Skarú, drawn to the relaxing summer vibes, selected “laguna” to experiment with beat patterns and sample chopping. Jiony found comfort in the EP’s blend of electronic downtempo and instrumental music, remixing “345” to infuse it with downtempo dance floor drums and nostalgic guitar phrases. Daniel Imhof, while initially hesitant to remix ali dada’s unique music, found inspiration during his days in the serene valley of Onsernone, rearranging and adding subtle touches to “eineno.”
The “Nanou Remixes” EP is a reflection of creativity, showcasing the versatility and ingenuity of both ali dada and the remixers. It stays true to the essence of “nanou” but like revisiting a beloved place with fresh, wonder-filled eyes, it beckons listeners to step aboard again, finding the familiar with a delightful, evocative twist.

1. ali dada – zwueschetag (Lokke Remix)
2. ali dada & sofia sturm – laguna (Skarú remix)
3. ali dada – 345 (Jiony Remix)
4. ali dada – eineno (Daniel Imhof Remix)

nanou Remixes on Bandcamp

who is ali dada?
orlando ludens: guitar, bass, post-prod
mf jaeger/rulla: beats, modular, soundscapes, post-prod
max licht: synths, food, spaces, post-prod
sofia sturm (featured on laguna): harp
mishy misch: advisory board, enabler and important ally

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