UCR #006

September 14, 2015



The artist – and traveler at heart – David Mears was born in the south of France and is currently based in Nice. He started to produce “math rock” 3 years ago, but since then David’s music has evolved into a reflection of himself: emotional, deep, a blend of different places, stories and sensitivities.
This UCR podcast is the third episode in his SENSA trilogy and is named after a powerful place in India that inspired him so much, he decided to record its native sounds to create the beginning of this set.
VARANASI was produced like all of David’s music: he composes different elements, one after the other, and then records everything live in one take. The result is beautiful sets that build up slowly, move in waves and take the listener on a melancholic journey throbbing with heartbeats. He considers music to be about exchange and encourages other musicians, dancers and performers to collaborate with him during shows.
So sit back, get into Cosmonaut mode and immerse yourself in the profound narrative of David Mears’ musical territory.

00:00:00 ••• David Mears ••• Vanarasi
00:16:13 ••• 959er & Nomi Solo ••• Carong
00:25:20 ••• David Mears ••• Vergessen
00:36:54 ••• Oscar B. ••• Affentanz
00:46:41 ••• David Mears ••• Bears in a Corridor
00:52:40 ••• David Mears ••• Sierra Libra
01:00:25 ••• Rafaele Castiglione feat. Hang Massive ••• Once Again
01:11:45 ••• David Mears •••فَجْر
01:16:30 ••• Hamba Lulu ••• Zulu Tribe Chanting (David Mears Edit)
01:22:30 ••• David Mears ••• Mad Stuff
01:31:40 ••• Golshifteh Farahani ••• Govend (David Mears Rework)

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David Mears on Soundcloud
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