UCR #039

April 24, 2017

Mimi Love


Our next urban cosmic-cast was mixed by an artist who needs no introduction.

Mimi Love has played herself into the hearts of countless people all over the globe with her signature sound and unforgettable gigs. Her sets are diverse and distinct, and have been known to move people’s hearts and feet in equal measure wherever she plays.
Although she can often be found discovering unknown territories, Berlin is the place where she loves to take off and land. As a member of the infamous Bachstelzen crew and resident DJ at Katerblau, she is deeply rooted in the German capital, where she has been playing many different roles in “this theatre called underground” for the past 10 years.

Her heartwarming style encompasses both slow and fast vibes, spanning a mixture of electronica-ethno, soft rock – downtempo hiphop all the way to what she calls pop-techno. This podcast is peek into her colourful collection, a mix that showcases the different kinds of music she has collected over the past months. It shows us a side of Mimi Love that we don’t always get to see in clubs – one that we’ve very happy to be able to experience for ourselves with her specially curated mix for Urban Cosmonaut Radio. Let’s spread the love for Mimi <3

00:00:00 ••• Luísa Maita ••• Jump
00:01:20 ••• Islandman ••• Ağıt
00:05:42 ••• Haioka ••• Now and Zen
00:10:24 ••• Random Rab ••• Apparently
00:13:44 ••• Jimi Jules ••• Running Away
00:17:43 ••• Crosspulse Percussion Ensemble ••• I Like Everything About You (Yes I Do!)
00:23:50 ••• Haunted Water ••• Unido
00:28:05 ••• Watcha Clan ••• Osfour
00:32:00 ••• Dizz1 ••• Wherewithal (feat. Ali Fern)
00:35:35 ••• Trevor Dandy ••• Is There Any Love?
00:40:05 ••• Ezechiel Pailhes ••• River Day
00:43:16 ••• Vibekat ••• Define Beauty
00:49:10 ••• Romare ••• Jimi & Faye (Part One)
00:51:27 ••• Locussolus ••• Throwdown (Bass & Beats)
00:53:34 ••• Simon Diaz ••• Tonada De Luna Llena (Billy Caso Edit)
01:00:55 ••• Doron, Coss, Raimund ••• Shift VI
01:04:10 ••• Kerala Dust ••• Untitled (Late Sun)
01:09:50 ••• Stephen Steinbrink & ∆ ••• Breath Of Fire Interlude (M.RUX EDIT)
01:14:12 ••• Plankton vs Defcon ••• Jealousy
01:17:02 ••• Nickodemus ••• Endangered Species (intro)
01:20:10 ••• Liverpool Express ••• You Are My Love

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