UCR #042

December 5, 2017

Ali Kuru


Today in our podcast series we welcome Ali Kuru and present you the heap of wonder that he prepared for us!
The renowned Turkish DJ and producer delights us with a characteristic mixture of slow textured deep beats, oriental sounds, ethnic percussions and jazzy motifs. The mix that Ali prepared for UCR abounds with his original tracks and edits, cosmic disco gems that carry the listeners through lands and cultures to soar their morale and to make their bodies vibrate on the captivating beat. These are powerful charming vibes that give off passion, and unveil Ali’s eclectic music taste.
Despite the relentless growth in popularity throughout the years and many performances at acclaimed clubs all over Europe, Ali favors living in the nature on the shores of the Aegean Sea over the busy and noisy city life. Is it maybe this simplicity and clearness permitting the artist to listen to his feelings and emotions, and to unleash them through an admirable richness of sounds? We don’t know, but we know Ali’s rhapsodic talent so let’s turn up the volume and be transported by his enchanting sound!

00:00:00 ••• Ali Kuru ••• Zorba The Greek
00:04:00 ••• Afrobuddha meets Kakatsitsi Drummers ••• Obame
00:09:00 ••• Abdolnaghi Afsharnia ••• Dashti
00:12:00 ••• Ali Kuru ••• Hiyar
00:17:00 ••• Dialoque ••• The Way (Trippin Jaguar Remix) + Indian Classic Flute solo
00:21:00 ••• Günther Lause ••• Mountain + Turkish Classic Kanun solo
00:27:00 ••• Ali Kuru ••• Zurna (Craig Bratley Remix)
00:30:00 ••• Frank Williams, Stingray ••• OHHYA (Justin Imperiale Remix)
00:34:00 ••• Alma Negra ••• Fula Flute
00:38:00 ••• Earthboogie ••• Mr Mystery
00:41:00 ••• Cubicolor ••• All Zero + Oud solo
00:44:00 ••• Alkalino ••• Lion Of Zimbabwe
00:49:00 ••• Nebraska ••• Eighty-Eights
00:56:00 ••• Ali Kuru ••• Avaz
01:02:00 ••• Charles Porter ••• Take This
01:06:00 ••• Ali Kuru ••• Intro
01:07:00 ••• Ali Kuru ••• Mirage
01:14:00 ••• Ali Kuru ••• Sacred Valley
01:19:00 ••• Ali Kuru ••• Ashoka
01:26:00 ••• Ali Kuru ••• Mount Damavand
01:31:00 ••• Ali Kuru ••• Adios

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