UCR #037

February 27, 2017



In Vedic philosophy, So’ham (सो ऽहम्) means identifying oneself with the universe or with ultimate reality. This says a lot about our very own Urban Cosmonaut artist, whose incredible music collection is wildly diverse and full of treasures, yet consistent in that each track has an inherent notion of truth that is intangible and gentle and also powerful and driving.
His music library is a treasure chest of diamonds in the rough – we can catch a glimpse of it during his long, evolving live performances or in his b2b project “Popov Marconi”, when he plays with his partner in crime; UCR label founder Burntale.

So’ham’s sets are obsessively curated and expertly mixed on 4 decks, with samples and loops weaving in and out of each other, effortlessly blending together into a textured journey full of ethnic influences and shamanic soundscapes. As a DJ, he imagines his mixtapes being heard on a dance floor, where people are moving with closed eyes and naked skin, falling in love collectively while the music builds and climaxes. And as a producer, he pictures his organic, psychedelic productions being heard in cosy rooms and natural environments, after having consumed what needs to be consumed to open the doors of perception as he would say. And in essence, what’s it’s all about – being one with your environment, and letting music transport you to where you want to go internally, externally and eternally.
So’ham means “I am that” – and if you breathe in and out, chanting So’ham as a mantra, you will experience That: nothing but your true self.

00:00:00 ••• Jiony ••• Deberes
00:02:59 ••• The Entheogenic Evolution ••• Ascending The High Temple
00:04:24 ••• Den Sorte Skole ••• O Babuaa
00:07:24 ••• Quapac ••• Realmente No Music
00:12:39 ••• Clutchy Hopkins & Lord Kenjamin ••• Tune Traveller
00:15:42 ••• Akanoid ••• Best Before
00:16:15 ••• Jiony & David Ferreira ••• La Rodada Del Patachín
00:19:04 ••• Lokke ••• Song Nº 1
00:24:20 ••• Sasian ••• Copal
00:29:56 ••• Haunted Water ••• Revolution
00:33:33 ••• Maguera ••• Queen Of The Night
00:37:15 ••• A.Gilberto ••• Manha De Carnaval (Lukas Endhardt Edit)
00:41:34 ••• Origamibiro ••• Isle Of Islay
00:41:45 ••• Samvel Yervinyan ••• Moon Ambassadors (George Topuridze Live Reshape)
00:49:20 ••• ælke ••• Bara
00:55:30 ••• Dunwich & Peter Power ••• Eurotunnel
00:57:05 ••• Manhã de Carnaval (Katzorke Remix)
01:04:06 ••• El Remolón ••• Nocturno (Elmayonesa Remix)
01:10:11 ••• Kurup ••• Forasteiro
01:15:05 ••• Ripperton ••• The Sandbox (Mark August Remix)
01:16:03 ••• Solpara ••• Soil (Short Mix)
01:22:32 ••• Timboletti ••• Disko Do You
01:30:47 ••• PlayrA ••• Love Around Inside

Find So’ham here:
So’Ham on Soundcloud
So’Ham on Facebook