UCR #040

June 7, 2017



Welcome back Cosmonaut!

For this month’s radio show we’re excited to present you with São Paolo’s mystic master of drops: EXZ. As a person rather quiet, his sound speaks volumes of a wild and beautiful mind.
His profound and psychedelic productions have their origin about ten years ago, when Alexandre first started to grapple with the piano and different synthesizers. From there he developed his very distinct style, fusing energetically pumping basslines with emotional and touching melodies by creating moving drum patterns that transport Ale’s unique groove onto the dancefloor.

Instead of composing one rigid live set at a time and touring with it, EXZ likes to stay flexible and so he comes up with a new selection, new narratives and new transitions tailored to occasions, places, or feelings he tries to express.
In contrast to the darker mixes Ale plays in his hometown São Paolo, he wanted to share a lighter and happier themed selection with us, perfect for the rising temperatures and longer days.

So open up your ears, and let EXZ transport you into his fantasies with this warm summer breeze of a live set.

00:00:00 ••• EXZ ••• Unnamed
00:07:00 ••• EXZ ••• Xenia
00:12:25 ••• EXZ ••• Unnamed
00:18:05 ••• EXZ ••• Passe
00:22:00 ••• EXZ ••• Escape
00:28:09 ••• EXZ ••• Unnamed
00:35:55 ••• EXZ ••• Ensalmo
00:43:22 ••• EXZ ••• Iridescência
00:49:39 ••• EXZ ••• Mu
00:54:58 ••• EXZ ••• Unnamed

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