UCR #020

April 10, 2016



Vruno quotes Violeta Parra: music is a free bird flying.
Born in Valparaiso, Chile, this bird has flown to many places – absorbing inspiration from Mexico City, Reno, Cancun, Carrillo Puerto, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Prague and Berlin and translating them into his own productions.
A believer of the power of musical vibrations, Vruno’s sound has an ancestral feel that resonates from within. As long as he can remember, he has heard music in his head – music that he needed to externalize by “printing” them onto speakers for the world around him to listen. Moved by the wonders of the planet we live in, his music is organic and celebratory, with ethnic elements woven into a multitude of textures.
This mix consists 100% of his own productions and was recorded in Prague whilst watching the sunset with a spectacular view. Conveying a somewhat spatial sound, it embodies the global beat we Urban Cosmonauts want to convey: with a constant motor of rhythm propelling us to melodic heights and organic symphonies of sounds.
Attention Cosmonauts, presenting the 20th episode in our podcast series with VRUNO.

00:00:00 ••• Vruno ••• Alumco
00:03:00 ••• Vruno ••• Vuelo de Sanacion
00:07:30 ••• Vruno ••• Ojos de Cuarzo (Derrok Remix)
00:14:30 ••• Vruno ••• Espias del Mezcal
00:19:30 ••• Vruno ••• Paihuen
00:25:00 ••• Vruno ••• Inti Kundor
00:30:20 ••• Vruno ••• Oxytocin (Mashup with Vruno Oxytocin V2 (Unreleased))
00:38:00 ••• Vruno ••• Octube 26 (Unreleased)
00:45:00 ••• Vruno ••• Lejos de Aca (Unreleased)
00:52:15 ••• Vruno ••• Mongetun (Unreleased)
00:59:00 ••• Vruno ••• El Pasaje
01:03:50 ••• Vruno ••• Murio el Pescador
01:07:50 ••• Vruno ••• Luz de Luna (Vinyl edition)

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