UCR #051

February 20, 2019



The sun shines again in the Berlin sky and warms up our hearts, colors become vivid and the rhythms more vibrant. It is the right time to welcome Lui Mafuta to our podcast series and to spread his seductive and enveloping sound into the warm breeze. 
Lui’s passion for music began in his adolescence when he started playing jazz drums alongside his father. He was greatly influenced by hip hop beats which formed the bedrock of his sound and early productions. 
However, the discovery of the so called ‘downtempo’ brought a remarkable change in his career as producer and introduced Lui to electronic music. The ease of the rhythms and the openness of the people crowding the scene helped him find a new form of expression, and shaped him to the brilliant producer that we know. Lui finds his inspiration in the energy of the crowd, and it’s his mission to return that energy in form of fresh sound. 
Lui finds enjoyment and motivation in the freedom that music production itself entails. The set he prepared for UCR was recorded live and consists exclusively of his own productions which are masterfully blended for us. We invite everyone – music lovers and attentive listeners, to experience that freedom too.


00:00:00 ••• Lui Mafuta & Puste ••• Untitled
00:05:40 ••• Lui Mafuta ••• Em.Ka
00:09:40 ••• Lui Mafuta ••• Three Days
00:16:40 ••• Lui Mafuta & Puste ••• Landunter
00:21:20 ••• Lui Mafuta ••• Laja
00:26:04 ••• Lui Mafuta ••• Untitled
00:31:45 ••• Lui Mafuta ••• Haruki
00:39:20 ••• Lui Mafuta ••• San Da
00:44:15 ••• Lui Mafuta & Puste ••• Secret Spot
00:51.34 ••• Lui Mafuta ••• Untitled

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