UCR #033

December 18, 2016



Some say music is a matter of the heart. Others say it’s mathematics. But our next Urban Cosmonaut Radio artist thinks about music in his own way: he imagines the architecture in which he creates soundscapes, and then conjures up a narrative for melodies and rhythms.
Kurup’s music is unexpected. It catches you off guard, constantly fusing themes in unusual musical trips on the dance floor. His sound journeys are colourful, full of character, different elements and little surprises. They are possibly somewhat a mirror of himself: a multi-platform digital artist, collector of stories and lover of carneval hailing from Brazil. Kurup’s roots lie in Cerrado, one of the most lush tropical savannas in the world and home to thousands of colourful species, bizarre tree formations and what he calls mosaic habitats. Perhaps this is where he draws inspiration for his producing, an endeavour he started 2 years ago after DJing for years on CDJs before moving on to vinyl, until finally crossing the digital frontier with his live sets. Influenced by the tropicalia movement in Brazil that has brought life to a new way of experimenting with local as well as global music, what you’re about to hear in this next Urban Cosmonaut Radio podcast is something we at UCR are constantly searching for: something fresh, unique, and with a beautiful story. We advise you to do as he does, and try to preserve that special ability we have as children: to listen and transform anything we hear with our imagination.
Let’s see where it takes us.

00:00:01 ••• Papete ••• Procissão dos Mortos (Kurup edit)
00:04:41 ••• Kurup ••• Restinga (unreleased)
00:08:15 ••• Kurup ••• Chita (unreleased)
00:13:09 ••• Kurup ••• A Marcha Nativa dos Índios Quiriris
00:16:54 ••• Kurup feat. João Pedreira ••• Joeira
00:20:20 ••• Kurup ••• Gruna (unreleased)
00:23:55 ••• Kurup ••• Máscaras de Ketu (unreleased)
00:28:18 ••• Kurup ••• untitled (unreleased)
00:32:30 ••• Kurup feat. João Pedreira ••• untitled (unreleased)
00:36:57 ••• Francis Bebey ••• Forest Nativity (Kurup edit)
00:41:36 ••• Kurup & Gerra G ••• Persona (unreleased)
00:46:30 ••• Kurup & Spaniol & Salvador Araguaya ••• Gato de Beco (unreleased)
00:51:34 ••• Kurup ••• Aluá (unreleased)
00:55:26 ••• Kurup ••• Lundu (unreleased)
00:58:57 ••• Kurup ••• CircoMondo (unreleased)
01:03:25 ••• Kurup ••• Oud D’água (unreleased)

Find Kurup here:
Kurup on Soundcloud
Kurup on Facebook