UCR #029

October 18, 2016



Light, love and Lemurian
…is all we need to awaken our senses.
Podcast #29 was created specially for the Urban Cosmonaut Radioverse and consists of unreleased & mesmerizing productions, collaborations and remixes that come together in a gentle wave of beautiful melancholy.
Describing his own music as an “ear massage” that translates downtempo vibrations of love, his sound is soulful, ethnic and shamanic. Heavily influenced by the music of Nicolas Jaar and Nu, the native Peruvian started producing music at 17 upon his arrival in America in an effort to express what was inside himself when mixing wasn’t enough.
And although his own productions touches listeners from all corners of the globe, Lemurian hasn’t forgotten his roots and regularly seeks inspiration from his mystical home of Peru. This podcast is a true expression of just that – his unique self: influenced by many cultures, driven by a sense of melancholy and bound to transcend barriers.
Prepare to lift off, over, above and beyond.

00:00:00 ••• Lemurian & Discoshaman feat. Nicolai Vesthammer ••• Union Mistica
00:05:55 ••• Lemurian ••• 222
00:11:11 ••• Lemurian & Goldcap ••• Bolide
00:15:55 ••• Lemurian ••• Translating Vibrations
00:23:55 ••• Lemurian & Discoshaman ••• Ishwar
00:28:15 ••• Lemurian ••• Better Future (Bedouin Remix)
00:33:33 ••• Lemurian & Discoshaman ••• Sufi Spin
00:39:17 ••• Lemurian ••• Berlin Calling
00:47:00 ••• Yor Kultura ••• Pokhara Love (Lemurian Remix)
00:53:06 ••• Lemurian & Spaniol ••• Spira

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