UCR #025

July 6, 2016

Barrio Lindo


When the past fuses with the present, you’ll find us immersed in Barrio Lindo, flipping through his musical sketchbook of colourful landscapes from South America.

Influenced by traditional music from Bolivia, Peru and Colombia, our Urban Cosmonaut Radio guide #25 creates music that somehow reminds the listener of the roots of contemporary music while still breaking the boundaries of genre, time and locality. His music is eclectic in the sense that it doesn’t fit any boxes, and at the same time instantly recognizable through his signature knocking percussions, colourful soundscapes and rhythmically erratic heartbeat phrases.

Barrio Lindo’s taste in music was born in Colombia, in the sound of the rivers and the chants of marimbas and drums. When he’s not making music, he’s making instruments – and playing around with old techniques, mixing them with digital production, finding a balance between traditional and contemporary ways of expressing himself. After doing a Chancha Via Circuito workshop with Sidirum and Barda, he started producing music in 2012 and has evolved a lot since then.

We’re grateful for the podcast we’re about to listen to, which includes fresh material from his collaborative project History of Colour with El Buho. Which wonders await us, we wonder. Let’s have a listen and find out, shall we?

00:00:00 ••• Barrio Lindo feat Wen ••• Condor (Instrumental Mix)
00:02:00 ••• Barrio Lindo ••• Caballos
00:04:30 ••• El Búho ••• Untitled
00:08:10 ••• Barrio Lindo feat Barda ••• Arrayanes
00:11:00 ••• Barrio Lindo ••• Pura Danza (Instrumental Mix)
00:13:30 ••• History of Colour ••• Cinder
00:16:30 ••• Barrio Lindo ••• Huanaco
00:19:30 ••• Barrio Lindo ••• Garza Bruja
00:22:20 ••• History of Colour ••• Rumba Juankita (HoC Remix)
00:25:10 ••• Barrio Lindo ••• Vision
00:27:00 ••• Nicola Cruz ••• Colibria (History of Colour Remix)
00:30:20 ••• Barrio Lindo ••• Raiz
00:34:10 ••• SidiRum & Barda ••• Los Sueños (Barrio Lindo Remix)
00:38:00 ••• Barrio Lindo ••• Compadre
00:40:30 ••• Barrio Lindo ••• Intensidad Mañanera
00:43:15 ••• Barrio Lindo ••• Sabana
00:45:45 ••• History of Colour ••• History of Colour
00:49:10 ••• Montoya ••• Chuquy (Barrio Lindo Remix)

Find Barrio Lindo here:
Barrio Lindo on Soundcloud
Barrio Lindo on Facebook