UCR #050

January 30, 2019



It’s celebration time at UCR! We beat the drum for the 50th episode of our beloved podcast series and rejoice in this festive occasion with a very special artist and human being, the one who made UCR a reality, our own BurnTale ❤️ Her energy goes beyond the imaginable for a human being: she is constantly busy nurturing her many interests, keen to pursue her dreams and ready to enjoy life at its best. A few years ago, this powerful and motivated artist began her journey into sound encouraged by her friends and supported by another one of our UCR homies, the wizard of slowtempo, So’ham. The exquisite mix that we are delighted to share with our listeners comes straight from the tropics. It was driven by the memories of her journeys and by the energy of the crowd who were dancing on her vibes. The set is a kaleidoscope of cultures and people from all corners of the beautiful planet that we inhabit. It’s her personal reminder to never stop wondering about the world surrounding us and to continue to dare and to explore. Finally, this mix showcases the sounds that BurnTale herself loves to dance to and, as we all know, everything becomes magical when it’s made with love. So, make yourself comfy, get barefoot, and experience the magic that BurnTale brings to you!


00:00:00 ••• Sarmoung ••• Kalimakou Denkou (Betelgeize Remix)
00:08:05 ••• Johannes Ton ••• Anne’s Flute
00:11:42 ••• LUM ••• Baaxal Original Mix
00:18:35 ••• Twerking Class Heroes ••• Vanakkam
00:22:48 ••• LeVold ••• Tice
00:27:30 ••• Da Iguana ••• Ud in D (feat. Bashar Zein)
00:34:05 ••• Muno ••• Sitar Trek
00:39:20 ••• ACUD ••• Solana
00:43:21 ••• Ulises ••• Fana
00:48:39 ••• Altin Gün ••• Goca Dünya (Menachem 26 Edit)
00:52:22 ••• Dj Foi Mal & Xique-Xique ••• Nome e Apelido
00:57:40 ••• Ohxalá ••• Yawanawá
01:02:32 ••• Kurt Adam ••• Yonya
01:08:46 ••• Bukahara ••• Shibren (El Búho Remix)
01:13:20 ••• Arutani ••• Mysteries Of Cuyagua
01:19:33 ••• Barrio Lindo ••• Túneles (feat. Ela Minus) (Matanza Remix)
01:27:40 ••• Geju ••• Para ti
01:34:36 ••• Tribu Oro ••• Malaka
01:40:15 ••• Jack Essek ••• Abequa
01:45:46 ••• Ome ••• Ave Que Duerme
01:51:35 ••• Kermesse ••• Le Fleur
01:56:56 ••• EXZ ••• Mu
02:02:31 ••• Alek Lee ••• Dark Colors
02:07:50 ••• Sibu ••• Two TShirts
02:10:48 ••• Diguital Trip ••• Fluxo Brasileiro

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