UCR #032

December 2, 2016



Somewhere, way up there in a galaxy far, far away, there was a boy floating around in space.
This boy’s head was filled with sounds so trippy, so unique and so melancholic – that when an idea came, it was unlike anything you’d ever heard before. The boy’s ears were filled with endless amounts of recycled stardust – so that whenever he put on his headphones to make music, everything he created sounded like heaven. And the boy’s mind was constantly buzzing with impulses – so that whenever he expressed himself, they came pouring out of him in the form of sublime music. To us, he is known as Ninze.
Ninze is multi-faceted, yet utterly recognisable in his style. Having first taken the music scene by storm with unique productions and famously slo-ow DJ sets alongside his 2nd half Okaxy, he has since evolved as a solo artist as well as a member of the production- and live performance trio Wide Awake.
No matter what he does, you can always hear it: that distinct sound that makes your knees feel like jelly and your thoughts like cloudy shadows. It’s a vibe that transports you to a place in your mind, something in between diving into trippy underwater melancholia and shooting up into deep cosmic space.
It’s only fitting then that our next podcast is a live set recorded specially for the Urban Cosmic Universe. If you listen closely, you’ll notice the little shooting stars, pulling you deeper and deeper into a world you can lose yourself in with ease.
So finally, to quote the man himself: “roll it up, light it up, press play”

00:00:01 ••• Ninze ••• Intro
00:07:39 ••• Ninze ••• Marshmellow
00:15:50 ••• Ninze ••• Dots
00:25:15 ••• Ninze ••• Torkeln
00:34:00 ••• Ninze ••• Atmo
00:39:39 ••• Ninze ••• Snow
00:47:47 ••• Ninze ••• Drums
00:55:10 ••• Ninze ••• Ouvert
00:66:44 ••• 00 Neutral ••• In the dark to see (Ninze Remix)
00:73:00 ••• Ninze feat. Leonie Falke ••• Know you for a long time
00:80:00 ••• Ninze ••• Who
00:86:00 ••• Ninze ••• You in space (for Emily)

Find Ninze here:
Ninze on Soundcloud
Ninze on Facebook