UCR #066

August 8, 2023



With the need for some sunny summer vibes in our podcast series, we’re happy to welcome @neobeo, also known as Martin, a world-travelled, fluffy freak, proudly made in Germany!
With a diverse musical background garnered from his travels, his sets are a reflection of the many forms of music he has encountered along his journey.
Crafting podcasts with a unique touch, Neobeo tailors each set to fit the style of each label he works with. His mixes are musical stories, transporting listeners to different worlds and evoking various moods. Incorporating live instruments, signature samples, and collaborations with his friend Andy, each performance becomes a captivating experience.
From thrash metal bands to a passion for the Indian bamboo flute, Neobeo’s musical journey has been intriguing and unexpected.
The main inspiration behind Neobeo’s set for Urban Cosmonaut is his unforgettable high noon performance at last year’s Boom Festival. This podcast captures significant moments from that set as it has left a powerful and profound impact on him. The essence of it he captures with the saying, “right here, right now!” It encapsulates the feeling of living in the present and being fully immersed in the music.
For listeners about to embark on this musical journey, Neobeo’s instructions are simple: Head out with your closest friends on a sunny day and dance wildly while living in the moment.
Additionally, Martin extends an invitation to the Berliners and those who are passing by to join the Cosmic Thursday parties, taking place at the Süß War Gestern Bar in Friedrichshain. 😉
As we delve into Neobeo’s world, we are left with a heartfelt sentiment, “It was a hell of a ride!” – a testament to the passion and dedication he pours into his music and performances.
Thank you, dear Martin. ❤

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