UCR #021

April 24, 2016



I come from a place beyond the border
I live in the space between the lines
I am the black gold of the sun

These are the words of Noema, the sound shaman, producer and DJ who has long graced us with organic, sexy journeys and trippy-shizzle-galore frenzies of psychedelic rhythm.
In this podcast, we are gently taken by the hand and guided from darkness into light. Slowly oscillating back and forth and left and right in subtle cumbia drives, he takes us to a place beyond the border in the next Urban Cosmonaut Radio podcast #021.
Originally from Wiesbaden in Germany, Noema is currently based in Berlin and has found a second home in Brazil, where he feels a deep connection to the music that has influenced his vibe immensely. Among the artists that have shaped his sense of musical aesthetic are Esbjörn Svensson, Matthew Herbert, Marvin Gaye, John Gage, Heitor Villa-Lobos and Voodoohop, the traces of whom can be found in Noema’s eclectic selections.
Noema is the founder of the Magic Movement, a platform that supports and pushes extraordinary artists of psychedelic, organic and transcultural music that aren’t yet known in Europe. With his deep appreciation for high quality music from around the world and colourful collection of truly unique tracks, we are happy to let him guide us from darkness….
…..into the light.

00:00:00 ••• Alejandro Jodorowsky, Ronald Frangipane, Don Cherry ••• Baby Snakes
00:01:23 ••• Nuno Canavarro ••• Untitled + Luis Pérez ••• Xochiyaoyoloh
00:02:14 ••• Guinga & Leila Pinheiro ••• Noturna
00:05:30 ••• Finis Africae ••• Bahia de los Genoveses
00:07:07 ••• Peebles Orchestra ••• I Can‘t Stand The Cave (M.RUX mashup)
00:09:24 ••• Nicolas Jaar ••• Folie À Deux (Nicola Noir Remix)
00:14:52 ••• El Remolon ••• Caminando (Barda Remix)
00:18:17 ••• El Remolon ••• Hoasca
00:22:10 ••• El Búho ••• Schuvia
00:25:20 ••• Rex Ilusivii in Vitro ••• Facedance
00:29:33 ••• Luminodisco ••• Burundiness
00:35:45 ••• Jhon Montoya ••• Jai
00:38:12 ••• Kurup ••• Joeira
00:42:20 ••• Nicola Cruz ••• Colibria (Ninze und Thomas Remix)
00:48:07 ••• SidiRum & Jin Yerei ••• Mono
00:52:47 ••• Lobkowitz ••• Cornwall
00:59:11 ••• Oldtoy ••• The son and the monkey
00:63:50 ••• Jose Gonzalez ••• Hand on the heart (Ron Basejam Edit)
00:68:54 ••• Barulhista ••• Tambem Acho
00:73:37 ••• Rafael Aragon ••• Shâamaàn (Native Dub)

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