UCR #044

May 2, 2018

Da Iguana


When you take off for a musical journey, the launch pad is known, but you can rarely forecast the landing strip and the journey in between. As Cosmonauts, that uncertainty is what we enjoy most: the wonder experienced along the trip, the polychromatic soundscapes revealed after a transition and the playful bounce between colourful beats along a track.
In this episode of our podcast series, we bring you Da Iguana, a true sound explorer. This eclectic multi-instrumentalist started wandering the vastness of sound as a guitarist and bassplayer in his childhood and built his talent thanks to an astonishing variety of musical projects. In his mix prepared for UCR, he gifts us many of his latest unreleased tracks which are beautifully blended with past productions. Despite the multicultural flavor and prismatic style of the tracks in this mix, most of them resulted from an inspiring journey he had with his muse through Central America and the Caribbean, much like the voyages green iguanas take across those same lands and waters.
We think this mix is as thrilling and mesmerizing as that journey, so close your eyes and let Da Iguana guide you through this musical experience.
Da Iguana and UCR wish you “Buen Viaje”!


00:00:00 ••• Caetono Veloso ••• Um Tom
00:01:40 ••• Nillo & Nochi ••• Canto a la montaña del Fuego (Ohxalá Remix)
00:02:40 ••• Da Iguana ••• Submari feat. Sāgarā
00:06:30 ••• Da Iguana ••• Eres El Cantor
00:11:33 ••• Kusht ••• Lorenzo‘s Forest (Intro + Peruvian song sample)
00:12:30 ••• Da Iguana ••• Achachau
00:17:10 ••• JAJA ••• Tropical Bird
00:18:30 ••• Da Iguana ••• Udu de la Muerte
00:24:00 ••• Transglobal Underground ••• Delta Disco (Intro)
00:25:40 ••• Da Iguana ••• Pacoluci (Atahualpa Yupanqui – Mano De Mi Humor Edit)
00:31:40 ••• Da Iguana ••• Ekara Po feat. Sāgarā(Francis Bebey – Bissau Slow Edit)
00:36:00 ••• Tomanka ••• Disumba (LOKAL AFFAIR Edit)
00:37:00 ••• Da Iguana ••• Scarlecheko feat. Georgeline du Sacquay
00:42:30 ••• Elysée ••• Le Souffle du Serpent
00:44:25 ••• Da Iguana ••• Xupul feat. Sāgarā
00:48:50 ••• Hans Klangholz ••• Schrippenzieher (Intro + sample Carta del Che)
00:50:00 ••• Da Iguana ••• Muii
00:54:00 ••• King Ghazi presents Abu Sayah ••• HOURAN (DJ SOTOFETT VERSATILE MIX)
00:55:45 ••• Da Iguana ••• Oba Oba

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