UCR #057

February 13, 2020



Today we are happy to welcome our Mexican amigo and amazing artist Jiony to our podcast series! If you didn’t have the chance to listen to him last October in Berlin, you now have the unique occasion to listen to the live set which he designed for his performances in the German capital.
Jiony’s style is unmistakable, it consists of an elegant blend of vocal samples, jazzy and bluesy elements, which he masterfully combines with a bouncy and dubby bassline. The skilful producer doesn’t miss the chance to include also traditional motifs from his motherland, giving an exotic taste to his great sound. Jiony developed his skills over almost two decades, as he started producing music back in the late ‘90s on Fruity Loops, now known as FL Studio. Few years later he learned DJing on the CD players which his friend had at home. Playing music was fun, but limiting. Jiony wanted to play his own music in his own way, so he started the magical journey into live production in 2013, and that journey is still far from seeing its end.
When asked about the message he wanted to deliver to his listeners, Jiony replied ‘Chill, shake, and enjoy’, as it is written on the packaging of a Mexican juice. No matter how weird this may sound, but these instructions truly fit the beautiful set which he prepared for us. Chilled but shaky…and definitely enJIONYable!


00:00:00 ••• Elis & Tom ••• Aguas De Marzo (jiony edit)
00:08:53 ••• jiony feat. Ana Karen ••• Canario
00:15:02 ••• Mateo Kingman ••• Sendero Del Monte (jiony remix)
00:20:18 ••• jiony ••• Sleep On The Moon
00:27:26 ••• jiony ••• My Love For You
00:34:03 ••• jiony ••• To Be Good
00:39:33 ••• Nicola Cruz ••• Cumbia Del Olvido (jiony remix)
00:45:50 ••• jiony ••• Uno Se Despide
00:53:11 ••• jiony ••• Desacuerdo
00:57:19 ••• Isaac Soto ••• The World (jiony another one remix)
01:03:15 ••• jiony ••• Perto
01:08:14 ••• MI.LA ••• Sun (jiony remix)
01:14:28 ••• Gerra G. ••• Acreditar (jiony remix)
01:20:42 ••• jiony ••• Neva Met

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