UCR #055

December 3, 2019



It was a sparkling Saturday night at Fusion Festival, all dancers were out of their shelters after the burning sun had set, the energy was raising high when Buddy aka Kusht stepped on stage and began his show. Kusht is a Norway-based Scottishman born under the sign of Aquarius, who has been playing in bands for about sixteen years and started his electronic productions seven years ago. His first steps into this new dimension were not really firm, he says. His loud, rock background was clear, but he couldn’t really identify his electronic sound until he visited Fusion Festival for the first time, four years ago. In that very inspiring chaos he found his path, he finally knew how his productions were about to sound, and here we have a great taste of that. The set that we are about to bring to your
ears was recorded live at the Dub Station. It comprises exclusively his original material, some of it was released on his latest vinyl ‘Together’(YNFND), and some is still unreleased. For this live set Kusht unleashed his guitar and selected the tracks he plays it the most on, so the set sounds more like a rock performance with world-music influences, rather than the typical electronic set. The artist confessed to us that sometimes he wishes he had an extra arm playing live guitar throughout his performances.
Enough words spent, it’s time to listen to this amazing set…and to listen to it LOUD!

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00:00:00 ••• Kusht ••• Ketri Ketri Edit (Vardo LP – Frente Bolivarista)
00:05:48 ••• Kusht ••• Twilight Demo
00:11:15 ••• Kusht ••• Movin’ Town (Together LP – YNFND)
00:16:56 ••• Kusht ••• City Birds and Country Folk (Teapot LP – Drosssel)
00:24:00 ••• Kusht ••• Koochy Dance Demo
00:30:47 ••• Kusht ••• The Trains Demo
00:36:41 ••• Afar ••• Neglected (Kusht Remix)
00:42:27 ••• Kusht ••• Escape the Square (Together LP – YNFND)
00:48:26 ••• Kusht ••• 18 Degrees (Dusk) (Together LP – YNFND)
00:56:48 ••• Kusht ••• Animalia (Together LP – YNFND)