UCR #017

February 15, 2016



Our friend and captain of the Baltic seas, Rolandson, has exchanged his boat for a cosmic spacecraft to navigate the waves of his music collection in the next UCR podcast.
This traveler of tunes began his voyage in 1997 and has since explored the depths of 90s Berlin dub, techno, electro swing, deep house, downbeat and indigenous sounds from all over the world, discovering many more musical impulses that have shaped his life along the years. His selections are always a highly curated combination of unique tracks that are timeless and that overcome the boundaries of genre, country, or context.
This podcast was dedicated to the moon, to the stars and to the wonders that make up the milky way. Inspired by the space oddity of David Bowie, he invites us to take our protein pills, leave the capsule and follow him on a journey through his mind.
We close our eyes and say AHOY! to the wonders that lie ahead!

00:00:00 ••• Biosphere ••• Microgravity
00:05:30 ••• Biosphere ••• Startoucher
00:10:00 ••• Lulacruza ••• Arpa Iris
00:12:55 ••• Ælkę ••• Elem Ye
00:24:10 ••• Gate ••• Beautiful Woman
00:28:12 ••• Landr ••• Ashitaka
00:35:00 ••• Numen ••• Abraxas
00:41:50 ••• Numen ••• Kutka w/ 1968 Schwarze Zone
00:49:50 ••• Numen ••• Allah
00:54:45 ••• Tomáš Dvořák ••• Snekoun
00:59:10 ••• Tomáš Dvořák feat. Blue Bird ••• Lesik
01:03:13 ••• Gustavo Santaolalla ••• De Ushuaia a la Quiaca (Peter’s inverse Edit)
01:07:52 ••• Gustavo Santaolalla ••• De Ushuaia a la Quiaca

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