UCR #009

October 26, 2015



San Ignacio is an Argentinian artist from the Tigre delta, with creative roots that lie in DJing & producing experimental-noise music since he was 19. He also happens to be a juggler of harmonies, music mixologist and percussion poet who’s put together the next edition in this podcast series, brought to you by your glocal Urban Cosmonaut Soundscapeship.
With a sound that fuses different rhythms, synthesizers and microsamples together – and build-ups that will drive a dance floor into a slow-motion stampede, you’re alone with nothing but the thoughts in your head and the rhythm in your gut. This set is a combined narrative of his own productions/remixes and a collaboration with fellow inspiration, Jhon Montoya – and podcast #009 in our journey through the UCR galaxy.
Lights please! And we’re off.

00:00:00 ••• El-Mahdy Jr. ••• Mehtaab (Voice Ascanio Celestini) (San Ignacio Rework)
00:03:00 ••• Barda ••• Abrazo
00:06:00 ••• San Ignacio ••• Sudestada
00:11:00 ••• Holy Other ••• Yr Love (San Ignacio Remix)
00:17:00 ••• San Ignacio ••• Breslau (ft. Jhon Montoya)
00:21:00 ••• Camanchaca ••• TC2000
00:25:00 ••• San Ignacio ••• Viña del Mar, Punta del Este, San Bernardo
00:29:00 ••• San Ignacio ••• Posadas
00:32:00 ••• San ignacio ••• Entre los Dos (voz de Sara Hebe)
00:36:00 ••• San Ignacio ••• Uy, mirá, está nevando (voz de Bruder Ka)
00:40:00 ••• San Ignacio ••• Casuarinas (voz de Cecilia Pavón)
00:44:00 ••• San Ignacio ••• Metaterraza (voces de El Mayonesa y Fabián Casas)
00:48:00 ••• The Knife ••• You make me like Charity (San Ignacio Remix)
00:51:00 ••• San Ignacio ••• Lo único que hay es el Amor
00:57:00 ••• NSISTA ••• Cabocla

Find San Ignacio here:
San Ignacio on Soundcloud
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Free download of San Ignacio’s last album