UCR #046

September 5, 2018



After discovering the world of electronic music in 2000, today’s featured artist Muno has since experimented with classical, minimal house, and dance, before finding his definitive ‘intercultural dark’ sound. Formerly performing under the alias Gurtz during his electronic dance phase, Muno also performs as part of the trio Kermesse.

In recent years, while travelling Europe, a new musical dimension opened for Muno so that he decided he wanted his music to bring fresh vibes for both his listeners and himself. “I returned home from a two month trip in Europe, I had heard a lot of artists playing very similar music. I understood that I needed something different after this trip” he said, “a new challenge”. So for today’s podcast he offers us a blend of his remastered tracks, as well as a few unreleased ones. /h7>

The result is a calm and relaxing but also very playful mix which evokes feelings of cool waters dripping out through the speakers, with each new beat a colourful drop tapping on the water’s surface. Muno hopes this mix will remind his listeners to take a moment to slow down, to live simply, and to have patience. It is a call to reconsider what is truly necessary in our modern times, to think about what you want from this life, and to live in the moment, to enjoy the music and forget about everything else.

We hope you enjoy this mix as much as we do! Happy listening!


00:00:00 ••• Muno ••• Alubias
00:03:10 ••• Muno ••• Mycenae
00:07:30 ••• Muno ••• Sufi (Sidirum Remix)
00:11:50 ••• Muno ••• Animalia
00:14:45 ••• Muno ••• Lampa
00:19:15 ••• Muno ••• Bali
00:22:30 ••• ElPeche ••• Cancro (Muno Remix)
00:29:00 ••• Muno ••• Serpent
00:35:00 ••• Muno ••• Noche
00:39:10 ••• Jaime Torres ••• Ch’isi (Muno Edit)
00:45:00 ••• Muno ••• Quebrada
00:49:10 ••• Muno ••• Sitar Trek Feat. Adrian Steinleger
00:58:30 ••• Muno ••• Susiana

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