UCR #054

November 12, 2019



After being absent for many months, we would like to revive our podcast series by introducing you to one of the finest artists we could ever present – Danaga!
This superb producer was born and raised in one of the wildest and mysterious areas of the old continent: the region of Transylvania, in Romania, where he grew up in the analog era, studying the classic guitar and the piano and collecting music on cassettes. The secrecy and mystique of that land is well represented in Danaga’s productions, which are beautifully displayed in the live recording. For this Mix he used Elektron Analog Keys, Hohner Pianet T, Memory Man Analog Delay, a cheap romanian Stratocaster Guitar, Kaoss Pad, PVC homemade flutes and various percussion instruments. It comes as a sort of music diary telling of the ‘transformative experience’ he went through while experimenting with those Instruments in the last years. Unlike other mixes of our series, this is not a musical journey, but rather a flow which is neither meant to lead anywhere, nor to serve a function. It is only meant to be. This intriguing concept follows the ideas of the British philosopher and writer Alan Watts, which inspired Danaga while recording the mix. We wish you all a wonderful awakening.


00:00:00 ••• Danaga ••• Promenada pe aleea furnicilor // Promenade on the ants alley
00:06:15 ••• Megaloschemos II (Bulgarian orthodox hymn)3 ••• 00:07:30 ••• Danaga ••• The last supper
00:11:00 ••• Danaga ••• The world from outside
00:18:11 ••• Danaga ••• Soare secret // Secret Sun (ft. Andrei Dobos)
00:22:34 ••• Danaga ••• Trece un nouras // Little cloud passing by (ft. Surorile Osoianu)
00:26:00 ••• Les Mogol ••• Iklig (Danaga Remix)
00:28:32 ••• Danaga ••• Yes, i’m not / Persian Dub
00:36:10 ••• Mircea Florian ••• Cu pleoapa de argint // The silver eyelid (Danaga Remix)
00:40:40 ••• Danaga ••• Music has no destination (ft. Alan Watts)
00:44:10 ••• Danaga ••• Mersul strengarului // The walk of the naughty
00:51:02 ••• Danaga ••• Zerounu (ft. Fluidian)
00:57:32 ••• Kalyi Jag ••• Szar cirikli (danaga long remix)
01:09:28 ••• Danaga ••• Zerotrei
01:13:13 ••• Danaga ••• Fool Moon
01:14:58 ••• Danaga ••• Everything brakes free
01:21:51 ••• Danaga ••• Stories
01:26:15 ••• Danaga ••• Am N-Aripi // I have no wings
01:28:48 ••• Jamie xx ••• Sleep sound
01:32:08 ••• Tosca Tango Orchestra ••• La Cosa Pequena
01:34:58 ••• Danaga ••• Trece vremea prin fata garajelor // Time goes passing by in the front of the garages
01:38:28 ••• Danaga ••• Zana Zorilor // The fairy of dawn
01:41:48 ••• Danaga ••• High drag (ft Donald Byrd)
01:47:45 ••• Idris Muhamad ••• Peace (danaga very long remix)
01:54:14 ••• Danaga ••• Flori, fete si baieti // Flowers. Boys & Girls

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