UCR #061

February 15, 2021

Bliz Nochi


For our UCR podcast # 061 we present you Bliz Nochi – multi-talented artist from Moldavia, based in Hamburg. His music style is characterized by ethnic instruments and organic sound, integrated into mesmerizing blends of voice samples, grooving loops and beats.

The set he has compiled for UCR is a collection of his own music, plus a few remixes realised by his friends. In anticipation of his upcoming EP “Pe Malul Nistrului” on Urban Cosmonaut, Bliz Nochi has dedicated this mix to the Nistrul. It is the name of a river in Moldavia of which shores he has grown up, capturing the tradition of local culture. As the river flows from place to place, so does his set. Tracks and arrangements blend into one another as acoustic postcards from the different places where one could possibly travel across. Including the inner world.

Bliz Nochi’s goal is to make his listeners travel with the music in space, fulfilled with their emotions and free them from emotional stress. So we invite you to close your eyes, relax, and start the journey. And wherever it leads you – feel free to move, dance, jump, scream! Liberation comes with action.


00:00:00 ••• Bliz Nochi ••• Rain Ritual (Original Mix)
05:20:00 ••• T Pulse, Lenny Tunes ••• Abu Ali (Bliz Nochi Remix)
10:37:00 ••• Bliz Nochi ••• Sand (Original Mix)
15:22:00 ••• Bliz Nochi feat. Amali Sadreev ••• Nisip de pe malul Nistrului (Original Mix)
21:14:00 ••• Bliz Nochi ••• Space Frog (Original Mix)
27:42:00 ••• Bliz Nochi ••• Night Illumination (Original Mix)
32:34:00 ••• Bliz Nochi ••• Rain Ritual (Baru & Choko Aba Remix)
35:47:00 ••• Bliz Nochi ••• My feet sink into the sand (Original Mix)
40:40:00 ••• Bliz Nochi ••• La Vale (Original Mix)
47:15:00 ••• Santi De ••• Voodub (Bliz Nochi Remix)
52:57:00 ••• Bliz Nochi ••• Gokarn Soul (Original Mix)
58:30:00 ••• Ulsen ••• Heritage (Bliz Nochi Remix)

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