UCR #018

March 13, 2016



How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?
How do you catch a moonbeam in your hand?
How do you describe a sound that knows no genre?
The answer is: you can’t. At least not in Mika Dutsch’s case: his taste is colourful, timeless, genre-blind and all encompassing. His influences are as diverse as his sound is uplifting, somehow reaching for the sun in an intangible vibe you can’t quite define.
Mika was born and raised in an idyllic village of 200 souls somewhere near Hamburg, where he still lives on a farm that he made his home. It is here that he draws his peace after having lost himself in the craziness of urban cities – and it is here that his musical journey began, with his first drum set that he set up in his neighbour’s shack at 14, quickly discovering the wondrous possibilities of a tape recorder and some techno records shortly after.
Listening to his mixtape reveals an ear for surprises and a creative style of mixing that is unique to Mika Dutsch. It’s easy for us to follow him on this voyage : never demanding the listener’s attention, he gently guides us down his path, encouraging us to look forward to whatever awaits us at the end of the rainbow. Inspired by the sunshine that made Mika happy, this set reverberates with a warmth, that gives us hope for lighter days to come.

00:00:00 ••• La Gente Ari ••• Nobodys Fault But Mine (Ari‘s Edit) Anin Misone
00:13:00 ••• Richard Houghten ••• Train Ride Through Time
00:17:00 ••• Lulacruza & El Buho ••• Comandante (El Buho Remix)
00:21:00 ••• Richard Houghten ••• Moving Pictures
00:26:00 ••• Gabriel Rios ••• Skip the Intro
00:30:00 ••• Mushrooms Project ••• Rio Disco 84
00:35:00 ••• Richard Houghten ••• In the Tunnel
00:40:00 ••• The Tailor ••• Laladee
00:45:00 ••• Torky Tork ••• Experiment
00:48:00 ••• Gets ••• Baby Blue
00:51:00 ••• Baden Powell & Vinicius de Moraes ••• Canto de Ossanha (M.RUX EDIT)
00:55:00 ••• René Aubry ••• Rasta La Vista
00:59:00 ••• Tinariwen ••• Groove in G (Baru Edit )
01:02:00 ••• White Gloves ••• Khruangbin
01:05:00 ••• Richard Houghten ••• Sonata De Grillo

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