UCR #045

June 12, 2018



Perfectly in tune with the summer season upon us, Islandman presents a refreshing sound from the shores of the Black Sea with this splendid sunny mix.

Originally from Turkey, this brilliant producer started out at a young age and made his way in music by playing a traditional long-necked lute known as a saz. It’s thanks to this early relationship with music that Islandman developed the technique and feeling needed to handle farfetched rhythms, sounds and chants inspired by the flowering cultures of the Mediterranean Basin and beyond to blend them with mastery in his tracks and mixes. This eclecticism and understanding of music has helped him put together a wide range of melodies and musical styles which extend from enchanting edits of traditional Bulgarian sounds to smooth balearic disco.

His mix is exciting and mesmerising, catching the mind in a gentle twine of melodies and rhythms. His perfect balance of percussions and electronic beats shakes and ripples throughout the track, and lifts you with ecstatic vibes. The mix goes on in a beautifully arranged journey set by the pace of your own inner dance, as if the concept of time ceases to exist and it’s just you and the music.

So, grab your headphones, go for a walk amongst nature and let Islandman take you to that hidden place within. From us at UCR, we hope you enjoy the sounds of Islandman as much as we do.


00:00:00 ••• Islandman ••• Electronic Poem
00:02:12 ••• Islandman ••• Anadolu
00:07:18 ••• Islandman ••• Ağıt
00:12:47 ••• Islandman ••• Dimitro
00:17:00 ••• Islandman ••• Khepre
00:23:12 ••• Islandman ••• Sumeru
00:27:45 ••• Islandman ••• Ikaru
00:32:00 ••• Islandman ••• Shu!
00:36:20 ••• Islandman ••• Marakesh
00:42:17 ••• Islandman ••• Future Days (Et Kin Remix)
00:49:20 ••• Ambala ••• Alla Vita (Islandman Remix)
00:55:00 ••• Troels Hammer ••• Singing Clouds (Islandman Remix)
01:00:30 ••• Islandman ••• Kum

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