UCR #062

March 29, 2021

Theo Gramal


Theo Gramal is the musical project of Leipzig based nature’s child Luca, artist and creator of our today‘s podcast # 062.
We’re happy to share with you his very first live set – a warm coloured mosaic he has designed in his studio in collaboration with friends, containing exclusively his own productions.
When Luca learned to make music and express moods and feeling through it in his early 20s, a whole new world opened up for him, quickly getting addicted to creating those fluffy and energetic vibes we know him for.
With warm and deep baselines, melodious grooves with oriental touches and playful patterns, his sound makes you wander through imaginary worlds of warmth and mystery.
To follow Theo Gramal’s idea of a bird as an inner spirit animal, a symbol of lightness and freedom, we invite you to get up, feel light like a flying creature, move and forget about gravity, just flow and enjoy the rhythms with us.

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00:00:00 ••• Intro ••• AMA Flutes & Theo Gramal
00:02:00 ••• Theo Gramal feat. Timbaba ••• Marabou Blues (Original Mix)
00:05:40 ••• Timbaba ••• Native American Flute Bridge
00:06:40 ••• Theo Gramal ••• Hobolicious (Original Mix)
00:13:00 ••• Shasha ••• Cairo Dreaming (Theo Gramal Remix)
00:29:00 ••• Theo Gramal ••• Artificial Symbiosis (Original Mix)
00:26:00 ••• Theo Gramal ••• Konnakol (Original Mix)
00:33:00 ••• Theo Gramal ••• Oya (Original Mix)
00:40:00 ••• Fatoumata Diawara ••• Nterini (Theo Gramal Edit)
00:45:00 ••• Theo Gramal ••• Orakle (Original Mix)
00:52:00 ••• Theo Gramal feat. Martin Gennen ••• Resilience (Original Mix)
00:59:00 ••• Outro ••• Martin Gennen