UCR #064

March 5, 2022



When Maria and Luis, better known as the Portuguese duo Ohxala, get their magic hands on their musical gear, and their unmistakeable rhythms and grooves hit your ears, you can be quite sure your body will get quickly into motion. The colourful and energetic musical signature the couple has developed throughout the past 7 years, carries their never-ending love for making people dance and smile. Their world music infused electronica emerges from all the impressions they collect on their numerous travels, may it be nature, the people they meet or the new tastes they experience. For the live set they made for our podcast series and that we are so happy to share with you today, they envisioned a journey through a landscape of mountains, a float through an immensity of nature. It all starts with a short train ride, away from the city noise. Melodies levitate us right onto an imaginary dance floor where drums, shakers and trippy voices invite us to let ourselves go, be ecstatic and dance into a sunrise with orange and blue skies… In this mix they combined their latest tracks and remixes, most of them unreleased but we promise they will be out very soon 😉 …

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00:00 ••• Ohxala ••• intro
08:26 ••• EPHLUM ••• Jardin des délices (Ohxala Remix) ••• unreleased
13:00 ••• Magupi feat. Till Sunday Pirate ••• Achha (Ohxala Remix)
20:56 ••• Ohxala ••• Pong Disco (Original Mix)
26:01 ••• Ohxala ••• Kalimbas (Original Mix)
30:17 ••• Ohxala ••• Ayangalu (Original Mix)
36:16 ••• Ohxala ••• Landing (original Mix)
42:41 ••• Ohxala ••• Yellow Drift (Original Mix)
49:01 ••• To Ricciardi ••• Behind Shades (Ohxala Remix)
56:51 ••• Ohxala ••• Outro