UCR #056

January 7, 2020

Erhan Yılmaz


Time keeps flowing like a river – year after year the Urban Cosmonaut journey goes on – and we are thrilled by the sound adventures which await us on the path. We keep travelling on the beat, and today’s trip brings us to the Anatolian plateau to enjoy the Turkish delight which Erhan Yilmaz prepared for us. Erhan was born on the shores of the Black Sea, he has been playing music for about a decade already, he performed in radioshows and music venues alongside many instrumentalists. His sound experiments and melodic excursions helped Erhan to develop the fascinating style he displays in his mix. His sound is diverse and heterogeneous, sliding smoothly between house tracks and disco-folk rhythms produced with a rich selection of ethnic motifs from Turkey and Middle-East. It is a vibrant sound made of histories and memories, a sound which recalls the beautiful moments spent with the beloved ones. This is what inspired the artist while recording the mix. We are happy to welcome this new friend at our podcast series, and wish you a wonderful time with his mix.


Selda Bağcan ••• Bundan Sonra (Erhan Yılmaz Edit)
Edip Akbayram ••• Mehmet Emmi (Erhan Yılmaz Edit)
Edip Akbayram ••• Mehmet Emmi (Erhan Yılmaz Edit 2)
Senay ••• Cirozname (Erhan Yılmaz Edit)
Erhan Yılmaz ••• Disco Folko (Edit)
Alpay ••• Seni Dileniyorum (Erhan Yılmaz edit)
Nazan Soray ••• Halhal (Erhan Yılmaz edit)
Barış Manço ••• Suleyman (Erhan Yılmaz edit)
Husnu Ozkartal Ve Orkestrası ••• Su Derenın Suları (Erhan Yılmaz edit)
Erhan Yılmaz ••• Disco Folko II (edit)
Selda Bağcan ••• Yaylalar (Erhan Yılmaz edit)
İbrahim Tatlıses ••• Gurbet Treni (Erhan Yılmaz edit)
Mustafa Ozkent Ve Orkestrası ••• Lorke (Erhan Yılmaz edit)
Ayla Algan ••• Tchaka Tchaka Zuktu (A) zühtü (Erhan Yılmaz edit)
Tamburada ••• Merdiven (Erhan Yılmaz edit)
Erkin Koray ••• Ankara Rüzgarı (Erhan Yılmaz edit)

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