UCR #028

September 26, 2016

Luis Rosenberg


It’s funny how sometimes, you know that you’re boarding a vehicle to go on a trip without knowing exactly what the destination will be. Our next Urban Cosmonaut Radio Ship pilot #28, Luis Rosenberg, is known for doing just that – showing himself and his passengers just how many colours of the rainbow exist, and how many ways there are to explore them.

If Luis Rosenberg were an art collector, people from all over the world of all ages and tastes would stand in line to admire his exhibitions. The Austrian born, Berlin-based DJ has a refined taste for music that makes him truly un-prejudiced. He doesn’t discriminate in his choices – as long as it has groove, it will catch his ear.

Luis tends to select tracks for his eclectic sets that are interchangeably timeless, unique and innovative – a tendency that is reflected in the music of his biggest influences: Bob Dylan, Nicolas Jaar and Acid Pauli. Having started out of passion in 2006 with A Numark „DJ IN A BOX“ set, loads of vinyls from the flea market and a cassette tape recorder to record his first mixtapes, this next mixtape is one that will surprise you, make you smile in recognition and gasp in surprise at the lack of genre boundaries or style restrictions. As a wise man once said: anything goes, as long as it has groove.

To quote Luis’ favourite sentence in “Never Ending Story”: Fantasia is the world of human fantasy. Every part, every creature is a piece of the dreams and hopes of mankind. Therefore it has no boundary.

00:00:00 ••• Ozo ••• Anambra (12 Inch Version)
00:02:50 ••• Atom™ ••• Follow Me To San Jose
00:06:00 ••• Mr.Woox ••• My Love Is Strong (feat. Mounika)
00:07:45 ••• Iannis Ritter & Christopher Schwarzwalder ••• A House and a Chicken
00:10:28 ••• Nicola Noir ••• Tenemosavida
00:14:45 ••• Peter Power ••• Red Roses
00:19:10 ••• Özdemir Erdoğan ••• Gurbet (Numen Touch)
00:23:00 ••• Ennio Morricone ••• Farewell To Cheyenne
00:26:15 ••• Bill Withers ••• Ain’t No Sunshine (Urubu Edit)
00:30:15 ••• Fred Berthet ••• Raw Bang
00:34:45 ••• Gats ••• Beautiful Women
00:37:50 ••• Valentin Stip ••• Help Me Jesus (Valentin Stip Edit)
00:42:40 ••• Rodrigo Gallardo ••• Kalimera
00:47:45 ••• Zelia Barbosa ••• Funeral Do Lavador (M.RUX EDIT)
00:50:20 ••• Den Sorte Skole ••• Overtime
00:55:00 ••• High Water ••• Changed the Locks (Original Mix)

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