UCR #060

January 4, 2021



For every end, there is always a new beginning and new constructive forces inspiring the writing of new chapters in that magical book titled Urban Cosmonaut Radio. Every page is a new plot populated with mystical creatures that come and go as time passes, and each of them leaves a little bit of itself. Sounds, feelings, and words which make up this wonderful adventure. Cosmic journeys and heroic challenges to keep spreading our message of love, unity, and endless hope.
Today’s story is set in the most creative and trendy rooftop of Moscow, and the ‘story-tailor’ is our dearest Sergey Pushkin, aka Betelgeize. Although Sergey has been DJing for more than a decade, and producing since 2015, this is the first set he compiled exclusively with his own productions. It was recorded at the Leveldva bar during an eclectic art performance involving two painters from the Nehudozhnik project, which resulted into a co-creative dialogue between music and graphical arts. We are honoured to present such unique and original material to our beloved listeners. Open your mind and explore the worlds which Sergey is going to disclose.


00:00:00 ••• Arshanitsa, Sergey Pushkin ••• Why Helmet
00:05:38 ••• Altriparty & Hypsidia ••• Viral (Betelgeize Remix)
00:11:36 ••• Betelgeize ••• Jaaze
00:16:40 ••• Betelgeize ••• Babylon Wine feat. Pavel Dodonov
00:22:16 ••• Dolph ••• What the Fog (Betelgeize Touch)
00:30:37 ••• Sergey Pushkin ••• Dophamine Detox feat. Ilya Chistyakov
00:36:10 ••• Beyhude ••• Rüzgar (Betelgeize Touch)
00:41:31 ••• Betelgeize ••• Ritu Al
00:46:49 ••• Betelgeize ••• Ray Brown Orchestra in Tanzania (Edit)
00:52:29 ••• Betelgeize ••• Marilli
00:58:40 ••• Lama’s Dream, Sergey Pushkin ••• Anitya
01:03:03 ••• Sergey Pushkin ••• Daily Prayer feat. ELSWHRE
01:08:52 ••• Betelgeize ••• Bluebird feat. Ilya Chistyakov
01:15:00 ••• Dima Ustinov ••• Dark Horse (Betelgeize Remix)
01:20:11 ••• Kuumba, Sergey Pushkin ••• Life Forms
01:26:16 ••• Kurup, Duo Alvenaria ••• Tempestade (Betelgeize Remix)
01:33:13 ••• Needze ••• Hodan (Betelgeize Remix)
01:40:00 ••• Tim Aminov ••• One Lone Survivor (Betelgeize Remix)
01:45:20 ••• Betelgeize ••• Tankwa

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