UCR #047

October 28, 2018

Jin Yerei


Somebody would trivially call this music “neofolk”, but that’s not the case of Jin Yerei, who instead prefers to call it “neurofolk”. This is the name which he likes to use to describe the nature of his sound. A mental combination of spacy effects and traditional motifs from his homeland Argentina bouncing on a pleasant lilting beat.

This humble musician gifted of uncommon sensibility and skill is not accustomed to release podcasts or mixes, being instead focused on music composition and production. Nevertheless, here he comes with this jewel that he decided to offer to UCR. The artist produced this live set mixing exclusively his own productions, including some unreleased material.

The result is a calm and relaxing but also very playful mix which evokes feelings of cool waters dripping out through the speakers, with each new beat a colourful drop tapping on the water’s surface. Muno hopes this mix will remind his listeners to take a moment to slow down, to live simply, and to have patience. It is a call to reconsider what is truly necessary in our modern times, to think about what you want from this life, and to live in the moment, to enjoy the music and forget about everything else.

This is meant to be a time travel towards a dystopian future dominated by machines. Humans, living like outcasts of that society, would use their ancient music and chants to remind themselves of the good old times, when humans still had control over machines. Such dramatic scenario, so easy to figure and too often recognizable in some aspects of our societies, serves the artist to remind us of the immense power of music to evoke feelings, to revive lost civilizations, to survive the tragedies.

Music is the utopia in the dystopia, or as Jin Yerei says: “Music saves the day, always!”. We at UCR couldn’t agree more and invite our listeners to live their own utopia while enjoying this wonderful mix!


00:00:00 ••• Jin Yerei ••• Untitled sketch
00:03:20 ••• Jin Yerei ••• Canción de la nostalgia
00:07:58 ••• Agustín José ••• Urga (live dub mix)
00:11:11 ••• Jin Yerei ••• Panchuque (first sketch)
00:15:47 ••• Piper Street Sound ••• Georgic (Jin Yerei remix)
00:18:03 ••• Ralph McDonald ••• The Path (Jin Yerei rework)
00:20:30 ••• Axel Krygier ••• Ya me voy (Jin Yerei edit)
00:22:51 ••• Anónimo ••• Baguala de la peña (jin yerei edit)
00:25:17 ••• Jin Yerei ••• Tejido
00:27:38 ••• Jin Yerei ••• Vos lejos, ellos ni enterados
00:30:00 ••• Barrio Lindo & Jin Yerei ••• Meu amor, Yemanjá
00:32:50 ••• Jin Yerei ••• Meio desligado
00:37:35 ••• Jin Yerei ••• Luzmila’s vibe (miami fix)
00:41:10 ••• Barrio Lindo ••• Saudade (Jin Yerei remix)
00:45:25 ••• Barrio Lindo ••• Saudade (Jin Yerei balearic remix)
00:46:28 ••• Jin Yerei ••• Onlain
00:49:33 ••• Jin Yerei ••• Tobas y Covunco
00:52:25 ••• Jin Yerei ••• Luz de Santiago (live mix)
00:54:49 ••• Jin Yerei ••• What we do in the shadows
00:58:11 ••• The Touré-Raichel Collective ••• Hawa (Jin Yerei edit)

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