UCR #059

November 17, 2020

Fog Puma


‘Open your mind, and the rest will follow’ are the words spoken by today’s guest for our listeners. As he is talented and creative, so he is humble and elusive. He is the anti-diva of the high-class djs: FOG PUMA
Those who listened to him more than once will remember his eclectic music selection spanning from New Wave to Krautrock across Funk, Voodoo Disco, and Balearic Industrial. Such a variety of finely selected tunes witnesses his high musical erudition resulting from over twenty years experience. It all begun in the narrow smokey bar where he used to hang out with friends back in the late ‘90s: the Blow Up, in Bonn. There Fog Puma started playing vinyls. Beat-matching and technical virtuosity were unimportant in that context. Nonetheless, the ‘wild mix of different genres’ he used to play there developed in the delicacy and finesse that we can now appreciate in the ambient mix he prepared for UCR. Each of his tunes has its own personality, at times a bipolarone. It’s oriental and it’s afro-beat, it’s jazz and it’s classical. It’s water and it’s wood. Fog Puma defined the mix as outernational fusion world music. At the end, no better words than his own can be spoken about his mix: ‘open your mind, and the rest will follow’.

For a deep listening experience, Fog Puma and UCR recommend to listen with a sound-system or headphones that represent a wide range of frequencies.


00:00:00 ••• Haku ••• Introduction
00:01:59 ••• Michael William Gilbert ••• The Call
00:08:12 ••• Paolo Modugno ••• Le Marché des Femmes Au Port
00:15:00 ••• Michel Banabila ••• Water-Colour
00:18:28 ••• Fernando Falcão ••• Amarzônico
00:20:07 ••• Two Katara ••• Sunrise
00:25:19 ••• Glen Velez & Layne Redmond ••• Assyrian Rose
00:32:26 ••• Toni Esposito ••• Rosso Napoletano
00:37:52 ••• Mickey Hart ••• Sky Water
00:45:40 ••• Jon Hassell ••• Air
00:50:48 ••• Umeko Ando ••• Battaki
00:54:47 ••• Wolf Müller & Niklas Wandt ••• Weltraumsandalen
00:59:21 ••• Jun Fukamachi ••• Breathing New Life
01:04:20 ••• Michel Banabila ••• Where Old Meets New
01:12:00 ••• Mickey Hart ••• Mysterious Island
01:17:02 ••• Cybe ••• Krung Thep
01:19:12 ••• Paco Sery ••• Mystic Jungle
01:25:53 ••• Matthew Young ••• Traveler’s Advisory
01:32:03 ••• Laraaji and Logm ••• Sundog Suite
01:40:16 ••• Scott Gailey ••• Sorgente Termale in un Cantiere
01:44:10 ••• Scott Gailey ••• Curtain With Wind

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