UCR #048

November 18, 2018

Andi Otto


Comprised of violins, violas, cellos and double basses, the strings form an emotionally powerful section of a symphony orchestra. Those instruments are Andi Otto’s specialties and passions; characterizing his early formation.

After studying cello as a teenager, Andi stepped into the endless dimension of electronic music production and debuted his first releases as Springintgut. Once he had explored the possibilities offered by electronic devices, Andi’s love for concert induced him to embrace his cello, and to develop an innovative system of sensors to mount on it.

This prototypical instrument, which he re-named “Fello”, has become Andi’s companion in live performances and studio productions. Given his passion for strings, they are the main theme of the mix that the scientist-musician prepared for UCR. Moved by his insatiable curiosity, Andi has undertaken an exploration of the use of strings across modern music and decided to bring our listeners along the mesmerizing sound journey.

The voyage begins with the notes of a legend, the inspired and inspiring musician known as Alice Coltrane. “This mix is my personal ode to her legacy”, Andi stated. The strings exploration gradually fades along the mix and leaves space to ambient sounds which inspired Andi for his latest productions. Abundant far-eastern motifs and chants confer profound spiritual energy to this mix, and that is the ultimate meaning of being musician according to Andi: “It’s about the spiritual energy which can be coded into sound by people, instruments, bodies, and ears.”

We at UCR cannot find better words to express such an inspiring concept and invite our listeners to absorb the energy that Andi sent to us with his rhapsodic selection.

00:00:00 ••• Alice Coltrane ••• Er Ra
00:04:30 ••• Springintgut ••• Ode To Yakushima
00:07:20 ••• Luis Panigua ••• Gacelle
00:12:00 ••• Cara Stacey ••• Oscillations
00:14:40 ••• Umeko Ando ••• Saraba Iya Koko
00:20:00 ••• Jon Hassell ••• Empire v
00:22:20 ••• The Books ••• Read Eat Sleep
00:23:30 ••• Rabih Abou Khalil ••• Haneen Wa Hanen (Andi Otto Edit)
00:27:40 ••• MArk Pritchard ••• Come Let Us (feat. Gregory Whitehead)
00:30:00 ••• Boards Of Canada ••• Zoetrope
00:31:40 ••• Hamsika Iyer ••• Kajra Mohobbat Wala (a capella)
00:34:20 ••• Andrea Belfi ••• Lead
00:39:40 ••• Hannu Karlajainen ••• Love Is A Black Lion
00:43:10 ••• Andi Otto & MD Pallavi ••• Lost Traveller (Live)
00.51:30 ••• Luis Panigua ••• Aqui y Ahora
00:54:20 ••• Lena Platonos ••• Bloody Shadows From Afar
00:57:30 ••• Atom TM & Lisokot ••• Transhuman Melody
01:00:10 ••• Annelies Monseré ••• Your Future Was Planned
01:03:20 ••• Folklore Herreño ••• Hola Cumbre
01:06:20 ••• Golden Bug ••• Hitodoma (feat. Jessica Ho)
01:09:15 ••• African Head Charge ••• Orderliness, Godliness, Discipline And Dignity
01:12:00 ••• Umeko Ando ••• Atuy So Kata (RLHBSLCN Remix)
01:17:30 ••• Ingus Baušķenieks ••• Kur Tu Esi
01:20:10 ••• Love-Songs ••• 93,5
01:22:30 ••• Epsilove & Eva Geist ••• Le Silence de l’Éther
01:26:10 ••• The Gentleman Losers ••• The Echoing Green

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