UCR #065

June 15, 2023



This podcast is composed exclusively of Vinzoo’s compositions and remixes. It’s a bit different from what he usually does. It was recorded live in hybrid mode with a controller and a synthesizer. His sets are always an invitation to dance and travel, often in unknown lands, and this is the case here also. The trip begins slowly and intensify as it goes, through very different landscapes that one passes by…
With his songs and sets, he like to provide emotions, to touch people’s sensitivity and make them happy. You can choose how to receive this set. It can satisfy all desires: alone or with friends to share, very loud on large speakers or with headphones, lying down with eyes closed to dream, or standing up to let yourself dance, in your living room to escape, or in the forest to feel even more alive, during the day to motivate, or during the night to let go, in the sun to sweat or in the rain to warm up. Everything is possible, enjoy!

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00:00:00 ••• Vinzoo ••• Simon Calls
00:07:25 ••• Vinzoo & QOSQI ••• OBO
00:12:14 ••• Vinzoo ••• Bienvenue
00:16:53 ••• Vinzoo ••• Nuit Noire
00:20:11 ••• Vinzoo & Stephane Salerno ••• DUNGA
00:24:55 ••• Vinzoo ••• Mandarine
00:28:54 ••• Sakuri ••• Cinnamon (Vinzoo Remix)
00:34:08 ••• Miqou ••• Kasbah (Vinzoo Remix)
00:36:57 ••• Vinzoo ••• Bjuvia
00:41:18 ••• Vinzoo & Stephane Salerno ••• Asihambe
00:45:01 ••• Yemanjo ••• Chaouen (Vinzoo Remix)
00:50:17 ••• Vinzoo ••• Edica00:53:48 ••• Vinzoo ••• Tard ou Tôt
00:59:52 ••• Vinzoo ••• Cabane