UCR #049

December 2, 2018



If you live in a big city which somehow limits your contact with the natural world, Beatfarmer’s mix, prepared for UCR, will surely rescue your spirit and reconnect it with the elements. If such a connection is still strong inside of you, these vibes will raise you up further and make your body sway in a mystical dance.

Beatfarmer’s sounds come from the woods of a secret island where this countryman settled with his family and made his home. There, the forces of nature and the spirits inhabiting those magical woods inspire his productions.

While he mostly focuses on making the energy flow within and between people when he performs, Beatfarmer took the chance to enlarge the horizons of his soundscape when he produced this podcast. This masterfully blended live recorded mix comprises of his own exclusive productions, original tracks and remixes which is reminiscent of his tour through Germany last summer.

His inspiration comes from the energy of the festival crowd which Beatfarmer describes as “playful, trancy, and a little wild”. The inspiration that comes to mind for us are the dancers, the forever-young and the wild-hearted. The energy we transmitted to him, now returns to us in the form of modern ritualistic music to rouse our spirits and take off for a mystical journey into the essence of nature.

We at UCR are pleased to undertake such journey and invite our curious listeners to come along.


00:00:00 ••• Beatfarmer ••• Fire Within
00:04:20 ••• Beatfarmer ••• The Ritual
00:09:25 ••• Emog ••• Magical Wind (Beatfarmer remix)
00:15:10 ••• Beatfarmer & Step High ••• Nature’s Spirit (Beatfarmer remix)
00:19:20 ••• Beatfarmer ••• Imagine
00:24:00 ••• Beatfarmer ••• Jedi Shake (2018 mix)
00:28:20 ••• Beatfarmer & Step High ••• Second Life
00:34:00 ••• Bansara ••• Tuvan (Beatfarmer remix)
00:39:30 ••• Beatfarmer ••• She Followed Her Heart
00:44:00 ••• Iacchus ••• Tree of Knowledge (Beatfarmer remix)
00:50:00 ••• Beatfarmer ••• Global Shifts (live mix)
00:54:00 ••• Beatfarmer ••• Spirit of the Forest
00:57:00 ••• Johny Pablo ••• Pantheism (Beatfarmer remix)
00:62:50 ••• Beatfarmer ••• The Tribe X Tuvan Dream
00:69:50 ••• MoonFrog ••• Sacred Study (Beatfarmer remix)
00:75:20 ••• Beatfarmer ••• Jade (luminous love mix)
00:79:10 ••• Beatfarmer ••• Path to Peace (2018 live mix)
00:84:00 ••• Beatfarmer ••• Peace in Hard Times (downtempo mix)
0:89:20 ••• Tikki Masala ••• Lucid Dream (Beatfarmer remix)

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