UCR #058

April 21, 2020

Chancha Via Circuito


There are places on this beautiful planet where immensity is the only dimension, places where the clouds come so close that they seem accompanying your wandering. Places so infinitely empty that fulfil the spirit. The African plains and deserts are undoubtedly among those, and today we undertake an adventurous journey across their rhythms and flavours. These were the inspiring forces guiding Pedro Canale in the selection of the sounds for this beautiful mix. Pedro is the self-defined ‘joyful monkey’ which in 2005 started the music project Chancha Via Circuito. Back in the day in Buenos Aires, he was one of the pioneers who started combining the folk Latin-American rhythms of cumbia with electronic sounds. As his horizons expanded, different sonorities entered his sound palette and led him to become the ecletic musician and producer which we have the pleasure to listen to today.
Besides featuring instruments and motives of the African continent, the mix he preapared for UCR captures the spirit of that land. Sparkling and vibrant sounds conceal dark tones, as lights and shadows on the dunes move together in a sinuous dance. Talking about the set Pedro said: `There was nothing for miles around; it was a wilderness`, and in that desert we roam. May its infinite emptyness fulfil our spirits.


00:00:00 ••• Chartwell Dutiro ••• Changamire (Mettabbana Edit)
00:05:33 ••• Mettabbana ••• O Lobo
00:09:33 ••• Guacamayo Tropical ••• Los Animalitos
00:11:30 ••• Ibu Selva ••• Queimada
00:14:55 ••• Cain ••• Jawa
00:19:05 ••• Glen Velez ••• Dawn
00:20:04 ••• M@kossa ••• Giora semente
00:24:00 ••• Mamacoca ••• Iwia
00:28:15 ••• Karin Mijangos ••• Selva mediana
00:28:37 ••• Odd Okod Do ••• Okitwoye
00:32:43 ••• Branko ••• Atlas ft. The Clerk
00:36:04 ••• Karin Mijangos ••• Selva mediana
00:36:24 ••• Glen Velez ••• Citric motion (Chancha Via Circuito Remix)
00:40:50 ••• Pippin x Cookie ••• Circlar
00:42:18 ••• Cain ••• Yuna
00:46:49 ••• Ditti ••• XD
00:51:40 ••• Novalima ••• Memekume (Dengue Dengue Dengue Remix)
00:56:50 ••• Babani Soundsystem ••• Zistwar Fer Per
01:00:49 ••• Kraut ••• Levantarse
01:07:10 ••• Karin Mijangos ••• Selva mediana
01:07:26 ••• Stas ••• Flores

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