UCR #030

November 4, 2016



When you travel to a foreign place, chances are you’d rather experience it through the eyes of a local. Someone who knows the hidden gems of the city, who understands how to move from one place to the next. Our next Urban Cosmonaut has done just that – this podcast isn’t just a bunch of tracks mixed together, oh no. It’s a carefully selected guide into the emotive experience of Mateo – a Colombian artist living in New York by day, and musical story teller at night. He’s curated a mix that shows his roots in the Spanish language – with vocals and instruments by Simon Dias, Mercedes Sosa and Guillermo Rodriguez Fiffe – combined with his contemporary influences in multicultural electronic music.
As a DJ whose biggest influence was Pink Floyd – a band that broke through sound boundaries and kickstarted an era of psychedelia and experimental music – it’s fascinating to hear where his exquisite taste came from, forming a distinctively recognizable sound that resonates with the label he’s shaping along with founder Sainte Vie at Akumandra.
This set is a combination of deep and melancholic entranced beats with distinctive tribal sounds, soulful instruments and ethnic vocals capable of moving us deep inside. We’re so grateful for a wonderful trip that touches the soul and tickles the heart and say thank you, Mateo!
Enjoy, friends.

00:00:00 ••• Amazon Jungle
00:00:25 ••• Natalia Lafourcade & Gustavo Guerrero ••• Tonada de Luna Llena (Arutani Reinterpretation)
00:07:00 ••• Oceanvs Orientalis ••• Bingyol
00:11:00 ••• Marco Beltrami ••• The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada (MiRET Edit) + Mama Serafime, Galoba Arameulad, Qristes Ena
00:18:45 ••• j g b ••• Catando os Pedacos
00:22:50 ••• Victor Norman ••• Shustar
00:29:00 ••• Sainte Vie ••• Arbol
00:35:25 ••• Luca Musto ••• Ticon
00:41:30 ••• Ali Farahani ••• Younan
00:46:40 ••• Tunnelvisions ••• Raga
00:53:00 ••• Von Party feat. Naduve ••• Cobra Cush (Sabo Remix)
00:58:20 ••• Giovanny Aparicio feat. Gioxy ••• La Negra Toma
01:04:30 ••• Tarek El Hout feat. Raymond Boulos••• Midaq Alley
01:13:02 ••• Mercedes Sosa ••• Guitarra Dímelo Tú (El Remolón Remix)

Find Mateo here:
Mateo on Soundcloud
Mateo on Facebook