UCR #008

October 12, 2015



AmramSolar has been involved in music for more than 6 years, and started editing this year. Hailing from the north capital in Russia, St. Petersburg, AmramSolar’s musical influences are like him: a mix of contemporary drive and oriental memories from a past life. Amram Solar invites us to take a trip with him – with a deep love for sounds that sing of warmth, of spinning darvishs, sufis and deserts – we are invited on a multi-cultural voyage through the Middle East.
Urban Cosmonaut Radio continues in this podcast with a musical “book” of different chapters. These are rhythms and melodies we know and love, reworked in AmramSolar’s particular style. We’ll be diving into beats and instruments, sunsets and dawns, the familiar and the unknown.

00:00:00 ••• Anton Feine ••• The Sun (Re Solar)
00:08:06 ••• Amram Solar ••• My My Hey Hey N.Y (Re Solar)
00:13:00 ••• NU ••• Abre (Re Solar)
00:18:51 ••• Thirsty Ears (Re Solar)
00:22:15 ••• Rafaele Castiglione Feat Hang Massive ••• Once Again (AmRam Remix)
00:28:06 ••• Marcus Worgull Peter Pardeike ••• Oona (Re Solar)
00:34:04 ••• SIS ••• Kriko (Orginal mix) (Re Solar)
00:41:52 ••• Space ••• 2040 (AmRam Remix)
00:45:25 ••• Oceanvs Orientalis ••• Satrpialo (Re Solar)
00:55:42 ••• Vivian ••• A Wedding Night (Re Solar)
01:01:50 ••• Mendez ••• Sands of Time (Re Solar)
01:06:55 ••• Dreems Go March ••• Rise (Re Solar)
01:13:15 ••• Bernstein ••• Maghreb (Re Solar)

Find AmRam Solar here:
Amram Solar on Soundcloud