UCR #053

April 14, 2019



Nostalgic for the good ole Latin-American downtempo? Then this mixtape is just what you need with @lagartijeando delivering an ode to the Andean sound directly to your soul! Despite the international acclaim this great Argentinian producer has received over the last couple of years, he chose to stay in the small village where he was born and raised. His productions, featuring local instruments and motifs, manifest his admirable attachment to his origins and the traditional music of his homeland. His first approach to music, at the age of 14, was accidental because “nobody wanted to play bass guitar in town” so he learned it and started to play with his friends. It is astonishing how this almost random first step awakened his dormant talent for music which turned a boy into a brilliant electronic producer and music professor. The set that Lagartijeando prepared for UCR features many of his latest productions including seven unreleased tracks. Gentle instrumental sounds of flutes and drums, organic samples and a vibrant electronic beat blend beautifully into an enchanting musical journey which we are pleased to offer to our listeners. Lagartijeando and UCR wish you all a happy and peaceful listening!


00:00:00 ••• Kjarkas ••• Manusquechay (Lagartijeando Remix)
00:04:45 ••• Lagartijeando ••• Villazon – Potosi
00:08:55 ••• Muno ••• Aluvia (Lagartijeando Remix)
00:14:30 ••• Barrio Lindo ••• Saudades (Lagartijeando Remix)
00:18:18 ••• Barda, Birdzzie y Lagartijeando ••• Cuelgue Cosmicover
00:23:40 ••• Lagartijeando ••• Camino de llamas (Steffen Kirchoff Revision)
00:30:30 ••• Yeahman feat. Mina y Hajna ••• Miniyimba (Lagartijeando Remix)
00:34.35 ••• Guem ••• Le serpent (Lagartijeando Edit)
00:38:30 ••• Coro qom Chelaalapi meets Lagartijeando ••• Antiguos dueños de las flechas (Inti Che Remix)
00:42:40 ••• Lagartijeando ••• Tecnoticlan (Spaniol Remix)
00:48:30 ••• Lagartijeando ••• Skalitzer Strasse 62
00:55:45 ••• Lagartijeando ••• Milenio
01:02:00 ••• Leo Leobons ••• Obaio (Lagartijeando Remix)

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